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Order CD

Phone: +7 495 7939496

For order and receptions CD it is necessary:

- to indicate the exact postal address of the place of the

reception CD and the exact post-code.


- to pay the order

2005 All Rights Reserved by the author Popelnuyk V.D. (Попельнюк В.Д.)

1. Send E-mail with postal requisition to Author. If You known good variant of delivery

of CD on your address, that indicate it.


2. The Payment of the order. The Possible different variants.

Advisable use the payment system Western Union.


After acceptance of your order, the author will send on Your E-mail sample of the form

for payment through Western Union.

Excuse me, but this way of the payment the most reliable, exact and quick for any



3. The Author will send You order on international postal service.


4. After reception CD, You will do the registration through E-mail.

The Instruction about rule of the work and registrations there is on CD.

The Registration occurs in floor automatic mode at moment of the start CD on PC.

The Text E-mail with raw data in process of the registrations CD automatically, but

leaves manually through standard postal program Windows.


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