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Greatest SMD marking codes catalogue



73000 old and new marking codes


from 109 companies of the all world

Search the type of SMD component in accordance with its marking code

SMD - Surface Mounting Device

radio components for surface mounting

Transistors, diodes, varicaps, zeners, Holl and temperature sensors, mini-logic, voltage monitors, voltage regulators, operational amplifiers, TV and radio-frequency amplifier microcircuits, others SMD microcircuits and devices, from companies of the all world.


Only SMD with marking codes, not with full name marking.


Practical example and rules of SMD code marking.

Package catalogue with pictures, photo, drawing, layout.

It helps to understand in name and types of package for different companies.


The main catalogue is made in PDF format.

It contains 550 1200 pages with codes of the details.

Searching for of the codes is executed from menu of searching for Acrobat Reader.

choice of the language

32000 codes

32000 codes

39000 codes

73000 codes

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Program works on any Windows 95, 98, 2000, XP,

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after registration by the author via E-mail or telephone.

You can only run a СD from one PC at a time.

This more than only searching for, this your knowledge of the modern element base.

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